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Sydney Ultrasound for Women Reward Program will be referred to as the program from hereon in.

  1. The program is not a membership program and there is no joining fee
  2. The program is not a club and discounts are based on return visits of patients for their ultrasound scans
  3. Any discount offer cannot be redeemed with any other offer
  4. The offer of a discount can be withdrawn at any time without notice
  5. Quoted discount prices are subject to change
  6. The program offer does not include follicle tracking, bulk billed and schedule fee services and/or laboratory testing fees
  7. Sydney Ultrasound for Women has the right to refuse entry into the program
  8. The program is not transferable
  9. The program is linked to your name, date of birth and membership rewards number
  10. The program is available across all Sydney Ultrasound for Women locations
  11. Sydney Ultrasound for Women reserves the right to change and/or amend the terms and conditions of this program
  12. The program commences on 3 October 2017
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