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NIPT or Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing will greatly improve first trimester screening. At Sydney Ultrasound for Women we have incorporated NIPT into our model of care. NIPT is a test where the blood is collected from the mother preferably at 10 weeks of pregnancy. The baby's DNA is extracted and tested for the 4 main abnormalities.

NIPT is not conclusive and must be used in conjunction with other tests and scans. Not all abnormalities are caused by genetics hence other tests and scans are required. Attached is our new model of care for prenatal screening. Each step has brief notes to identify the importance. Should you like more information please call 1300 557 226. There is further readings under the 'Services' tab of this website.


 Please note the Harmony Test has been reduced from $700 down to $520.


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4D image of Baby

4D image of baby

Sydney Ultrasound for Women (SUFW) is a diagnostic ultrasound medical practice primarily devoted to meeting the needs of women at various stages of their lives.

  • Teenagers and young women experiencing menstrual problems
  • Women who are trying to become pregnant
  • Pregnant women
  • Women of all ages with gynaecological disorders
  • Women suffering menopausal symptoms
  • Women concerned about cancer of the ovary or endometrium.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality health care with professionalism and sensitivity.

All our staff are female and are very experienced in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound. We only use entirely digital state of the art ultrasound equipment from GE Healthcare which combined with our staff experience provides the best possible imaging.

All of our doctors are specialist obstetricians (specialists who look after pregnant women) and gynaecologists (specialists who treat all of women's health problems) who have further specialised in ultrasound, high-risk obstetrics and reproductive genetics (the study of birth defects or inherited characteristics which affect decisions concerning reproduction).

We provide an ultrasound imaging, counselling and prenatal diagnosis service. This involves the use of ultrasound, which is a non-invasive investigation.

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Alex Blackwell takes stand against discrimination

 The former Australian captain knows her priorities in balancing her sporting and working lives.

Whenever Alex Blackwell turns up to training for the all-conquering NSW Breakers long after the session has started, it serves to reinforce to the team her dedication to duty and that even humble cricketers help paint life's bigger picture.
Blackwell, 30, who will represent Australia against England over the next month in a series of T20s, one-dayers and a Test for the women's Ashes, works as a genetics counsellor at Sydney Ultrasound for Women. Despite the cut and thrust of the Women's National Cricket League, Blackwell described her responsibilities to the expectant mothers at the clinic as priorities one, two and three.
''Pregnant women come through for their 12 weeks scan and I see them immediately after the scan is taken,'' said Blackwell. ''I'm able to tell them how things are going [based on their] nuchal translucency screening; basically the risk of chromosome abnormality in the pregnancy.''
It can be a challenging job, though Blackwell said it was a role which allowed for her to share in the joy of pregnancy.
''Ninety-five per cent of the time it's really great news and it's a privilege to be part of that very special time in people's lives … I more often than not get tears of joy rather than difficult times,'' she said. ''It's a fascinating job and things are moving quite quickly as technology changes.''
It was the ''5 per cent'', said Blackwell, who bats with furious intensity, that definitely put life into perspective.

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New blood test to detect Down Syndrome......

Now only $520

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Jackie, 10 December, 2012
Thank you SUFW for your extremely thorough diagnostics at the 20 week ultrasound.

Your technician found an easy to miss anomaly and referred us to the doctor, who was also extremely thorough and referred us for an MRI to be sure that everything was ok. When the MRI unfortunately did not give us that assurance, Dr Siva was extremely supportive in giving us all the information we wanted as well as quickly arranging follow up appointments and second opinions for us to give us more information and peace of mind. She also spoke with us at length over the phone, going above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion.

Under very scary circumstances for my partner and I, I could not have asked for better service or a more understanding doctor.
Just would like to share our experience with the 12 wks u/s and maternal serum blood test at the Sydney Ultrasound for Women.

I saw threads recently about the cost of ultrasound and I wondered why was I paying so much money to do mine at SUFW?

I now can tell you that this is the best money you could spend. Our appointment was one of the best medical services I've ever received. First of all, we were able to do the blood test, u/s and a consultation with a genetic specialist all in one morning. By the time I finished the u/s (the baby took a while to get into a position original.gif ), the blood results from the Genetic Lab were ready, and all were combined to give us the risk result.

Secondly, every person - the blood collector (it was done at Sydney IVF clinic downstairs), the u/s technitian, the genetic specialist - very, very professional and lovely. I felt really cared for.

And of course, getting the results immediately was the greatest bonus. It was unnerving enough without waiting several days for the results.

So, if someone is deciding where to do the pregnancy ultrasound in Sydney, that's my recommendation.
I had a SHG there (tube in the uterus with dye and an u/s) and found them amazing. It was worth every penny.
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